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Vision   To be the leading water utility in the Western Cape, where industry and Water Service Authorities outside the metros can source bulk water services.
Mission   To provide high quality water services and make it universally accessible to all sectors of society and industry.
Values   • Promoting and maintaining high standards of professional ethics.
• Utilising resources efficiently and effectively.
• Provide service that is fair and equitable.
• Responding to customer needs through trust and respect.
  OWB Goal   Objectives
  1. Grow our market share within the region.   1.1 To ensure that Overberg Water's infrastructure meets current & future demand.   1.2 To promote growth through new areas of supply across the region.   1.3 Targeted & sustained engagement with WSA's through cooperation in support of the national water and sanitation agenda.
  2. Source funding and grants for infrastructure & service delivery projects.   2.1 To promote prudent financial management to grow the entity's balance sheet.   2.2 A coordinated approach to water infrastructure planning, monitoring & evaluation.   2.3 To gain access to external funding sources (local & international) through engagement or procurement.
  3. Equitable access to reliable, sustainable & acceptable water services.   3.1 Safe, reliable & sustainable water supply & water services infrastructure.   3.2 To ensure that tariff is determined accurately & that customers are billed within set timeframes.   3.3 To ensure that assets are fully utilised.
  4. Sound corporate governance as well as improved   4.1 To ensure financial compliance & submissions are completed within the set timeframe.   4.2 To ensure operational compliance & submissions are completed within the set timeframe.   4.3 Develop sound policies, charters and structures for good governance.
  5. Enhance operational efficiencies across the value chain.   5.1 To promote sustainable operational technologies to reduce inefficiencies.   5.2 To ensure financial reporting that improves confidence from suppliers & customers.   5.3 Providing customers' insights into new farming & industry techniques.
  6. Develop & transform the workplace.   6.1 Redesign Human Resource Policies & Systems to improve workplace for employees.   6.2 Transform workplace through human capital training programmes.    
  7. Improve & enhance customer satisfaction.   7.1 To ensure all customer complaints are addressed through customer surveys.   7.2 To promote a customer/consumer charter that builds confidence & improves the Water Board's brand.    

Note: DWS - Department of Water and Sanitation