We, as Overberg Water, are committed to consistently and continually supply the safe, bulk portable water of the highest quality. We will achieve this by supplying water that complies with the South African National Water Quality Standards (SANS 241 of 2015) and meet our contractual agreement with our customers.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996) Section 32(1), provides for the right of everyone in South Africa to access information. Promotion of access to Information is also executed by Information Act no. 2 of 2000. Chapter 3 of the Strategic Framework for Water Services states that a Water Service Provider must have a consumer charter if it provides retail services to consumers. Section 19(5) of the Water Services Act, says that the provider is obliged to prepare and publish a consumer charter. The regulations also stipulate that consumers should have a say in the drafting of the charter.

The purpose of the customer service charter is to represent commitment towards quality standards and conditions, grievance redress, continual improvement of service, good governance and accountability that Overberg Water will abide by in providing water services to Water Service Institutions and farms in the Overberg operation area.

This document is meant to ensure that our consumers are aware of what levels of service they are entitled to and procedures they should follow to submit an application, a suggestion, or a complaint. It further explains Overberg Water’s obligations as well as the duties and responsibilities of the consumers.