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Ref No. Type Description Status Supplier Name Total Bid
(Incl. VAT)
OW-209/2016/17 RFP Supply and delivery of CO2 storage tank at Rûensveld West Cancelled - -
OW-254/2017/18 RFP Tender for office space to rent Awarded Ulifield Investments R462 211.92
OW-303/2017/18 RFP Professional service provider to re-construct, revalue,bar code infrastructure and movable assets register Awarded IAT Consulting (Pty) Ltd. R9 178 936.00
OW-339/2017/18 RFP Supply and delivery of water treatment chemicals for a period of 36 months Awarded Metsi Chem Ikapa (Pty) Ltd. R4 180 363.42
OW-378/2017/18 RFQ Travel management services for a period of six months Awarded TWF Cape Town (Pty) Ltd. R49 102.70
OW-348/2017/18 RFQ Remuneration benchmarking and market survey Awarded Deloitte Consulting (Pty) Ltd. R497 429.00
OW-290/2017/18 RFP Master planning water distribution modelling of three (3) water treatment schemes Awarded GLS Consulting (Pty) Ltd. R1 119 721.68



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